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Jan 31, 2004
fight in supermarket

today as I was doing my weekly groceries in a supermarlet near my place (Monoprix), I saw a fight! wohooooo (the stupidest things excite me)..

it was the security guy and some ill mannered customer..they really fought! (hitting eachother), even the security guy took his uniform and his tie off to fight (just like in the movies)..so the other security guards had to separate them.
The customer screamed out loud: "I have money! I came here to buy something, and this guyy accused me of stealing!"

well the customer had dirty clothes, looked drunk, etc. so I couldn't really tell if he was telling the truth.
they called the police, but I don't know how it ended.

well at least now I know that the security guy's name is William.

ok I know I have such an exciting life..huehue

Posted at 08:08 pm by ML
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Dec 21, 2003


the producer came over my place to give me the 3 video cassettes to translate.
then I pakced my stuff, and took the train at 4 PM for Amsterdam.

In the train, a Dutch man sat next to me, his name was Robert, works in a software company. And we talked a while, told me he had a Japanese wife, and bla bla bla. Talked about the things I didn't like in the Netherlands, bla bla bla.

So the train stopped at Bruxelles-Antwerpen-Rotterdam-Den Haag-Schipol-Amsterdam.
I bought some macaronis before arriving at Bruxelles because I was so hungry (didn't get a chance to eat lunch).
I tried to sleep a little, listened to music.

And I finally got to Schipol at about 8 PM. Schipol is the Netherland's international airport and train station.
I walked around the airport for an hour because I was only to meet Jhonie at 10 PM at another station (Hilversum). So I went in and out of stores..then I bought a ticket to go to Hilversum (5.60 euros) at 9:10 PM.
There weren't a lot of people in the train, and so I took some pics for fun.

I arrived at 9:50 PM, and Jhonie picked me up there.
We went straight home, and I ate rice and Sambel Goreng Buncis + kerupuk...damn it was good!


woke up at about 11 AM, ate rice + daging rujak + kerupuk for lunch.
Then we went to Batavia Stad..these factory outlet stores.
And I got a Nike top for only 5 euros!! wohoooo..
Jhonie bought 2 sneakers for 10 euros each, a training for 5 euros.

then we went to the video store to rent some dvds. Rent "The hours", "American girl" and 3 other stuff..
then went to the grocery store right in front of it, and bought snacks for me: cakes, potato chips, etc. etc.

o yea..I have this HUGE sariawan in my mouth..and I kept on biting it accidentally! and now it turned all blue. IT'S HUGE!!!
so we bought a box of oranges for that.

We got home at 3:30 PM, Jhonie got ready for work (he works in an Indonesian restaurant on weekends), and here I am doing my homeork for school.

Posted at 04:53 pm by ML
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Dec 8, 2003
snow snow snow

it snowed ALOT here in the past 3 days. Well today, it the sky is clearing up. But the snow started on friday night thru sunday evening. I was in woosta (where mai's mom lives) and the snow there was about 18 inches... thats about 45.7cm. It was the 1st snow storm we had in New England area... so all these people (orang putih) was buying water and food and things... we just watched the snow fall.. hehe.

but that was in woosta... me and mai stayed there all weekend to shovel the snow. but when we left woosta to go back to our place on sunday night, its worse. framingham, the town that we lived in, got hit with about 24 inches (61cm).  so we had to shovel AGAIN! well, since we live in a condo, the association takes care of the parking lot, but the snow covered the car. so we had to dig the car! fun stuff.

well thats it from me... i just finished getting the car out of the snow banks. i think my back is killed... so im gonna take a nap. nighty-night.

Posted at 07:30 pm by fineindo
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Dec 4, 2003
school grades

wohoooooo..I just found out that I got an 18 (out of 20) on my International Economy class...which means an A!!

yesssss...so far so good.

little things like that make me smile.

tomorrow I will be working in a club as the "coat girl". U know..where everyone leaves their stuff before going in the club (coats, purses, etc). I will be working from 10 PM until 5 AM!!
but the money is good, so what the heck..and plus tomorrow is Friday, so it's cool, I can sleep on Saturday.


Posted at 05:59 pm by ML
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Nov 30, 2003
happy thanxgiving ya'll

geez, typical french people dont clean up after themselves... hahahahhaa. you should see my place, its clean! (except my side of the clothes closet :)

but anyways, its the last day of the thanxgiving weekend and no one is looking for a house but im stuck here @ the office staring @ a computer screen.

i was off since weds 11/26. let me recap :

on weds : we went to Woosta (where mai's mom lives) the night before and stayed over. i woke up @ 10AM, mai already gone to work and i had breakfast there and left to go home to my apt. after running some errands near my place, i went back to Woosta @ 4pm and played with my nephew, Jordin. Then mai came home @ 5 and we just watched TV until 10 oclock when we decide to cook some turkey for thanxgiving; therefore we had to go to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

Originally we were going to visit her uncle's place and have some turkeys there... but since there were a lot of people in woosta already, decided to have our own.

on thurs : thanxgiving day. the girls (mai's mom, mai, and her 3 sisters) started to cook the turkey early morning... you have to cook it for at least 4-5 hours. while all the boys (me, her 2 brothers, and one of mai's sister's boyfriend) fix her mother's car... something's wrong with the car's allignment. then we watched football games on tv.
@ 2:30 the food is ready! 20lb of turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stovetop stuffings, some vietnamese noodles n things, and did i mention a 20lb turkey!!

after eating, we all watched more football games on tv. and later on that night, we played some poker and i lost some money! ($20).

on friday : its called 'black friday' here cuz of all the sales they have @ the stores. you dont want to be @ the mall cuz its gonna be packed with craazy shopping people. so we stayed in and watched some more tv and played some more poker and lost some more money ($10) and have some leftover turkeys.

and saturday and sunday i have to go back to work. thats all folks.. thats my thanxgiving weekend.

Posted at 04:58 pm by fineindo
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Nov 26, 2003
clean room

ok Dad..yr friend is sleeping over my place tonight.
well since she's going to Marseille tomorrow morning, I thought why pay for a hotel only to stay a few hours (she arrives tonight).

argh I had to clean my room...!!
wow that was hard work..I have to take the garbage out later.

hey hollon..I'm gonna take a pic of my clean room. It's such a rare view.

I'll post it this week.

Posted at 05:54 pm by ML
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Nov 22, 2003
bla bla


went to school as usual. Spanish class, then ate lunch in the school's cafeteria with my friend Mathilde. I ate macaronis with some kind of porc.
Afternoon: international economy class (with the cute teacher). It was the last class, so we didn't do much.
Had a little group meeting after class discussing what we did for the project.

Went home, but stopped by at the post office first..asked them about my package for Bung, why it hasn't arrive yet. Told me to go back in 2 weeks. argh.

went home, ate a litlle dinner, then went baby sitting.

Stopped by at the supermarket to buy a drink, got home at 8:30 PM, ate a pizza. Some friends from college came over for a little party at my place.
went to sleep at 3 AM.


woke up at 10 AM, went to school for group meeting. Borrowed "America's Queen" at the library (a book about Jaxcqueline Onassis).
got home at 1 PM. Ate pizza. Slept (tired).
Woke up at 4 PM. Went to the supermarket for weekly groceries.
got home, ate. and here I am.

Posted at 07:20 pm by ML
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Nov 21, 2003

hey guys... nothing new with me. the weather here is unpredictable. for instance, 2 days ago, its frigid cold (in the 30's), and lately, its been in the upper 50's.

so last night, i had a corporate dinner i had to attend with a lawyer, financial advisor, mortage broker, real estate investors, and another real estate agent. it was 6 of us. it was a networking meeting. so we just talked about prospecting, marketing, etc... it was interesting. i must say, that is the 1st big people business dinner i've been in. it was intimadating @ 1st because i was the youngest and i was new to real estate. these people was talking about stuff waaaaay over my head. like taxes and politics. i felt really small compare to their wealth of knowledge... but i kept up (even though i didnt know too much) and i used a lot of big words... it was an interesting night. i survived it AND i got a free dinner out of it! wo0ho0! the $50 steak was delicious.

after i talked with them during dinner... i come to realize that i need to do something with my life damnit. so i think im gonna open up my own business... aside from real estate investing that im doing, i want to open up a tea shop! yea, thats right, a tea shop! its a little store where we serve bubble tea. there is a market for it here... i think i have a friend who wants to partner up with me. i'd figure between the 2 of us, we will probably need about $30,000. how we gonna come up with the money? i dont know, i will probably put about 10 grand and he's gonna shell out the rest... of course, i will be the front man and he'll be the behind the scenes... and maybe if/when butthead get here, i could hire her to run the store.. hehehe.. dont mind me, im just running my thoughts.

ok i felt like i wrote a book here... almost time to go home from work... yay!

Posted at 10:44 pm by fineindo

Nov 15, 2003
cute teacher

my Economy teacher is soooooooooo charming..

young, smart, cute, and nice..the girls in my class just admire him..haha

and I got to sit next to him last week! hoorayyy..I wonder if the teacher notices how the girls in class are staring at him..well anyhow, it's nice to have a handsome teacher..at least one class to look forward to..haha

other than that, it's Saturday night here.
I went to Chinatown this afternoon, and bought some tauge and shrimp to make bakwan.
but I was too lazy to start making them today, so probably tomorrow after Church.

ok so what else is new? o yea..I bought a blackforest cake a few days ago, and finished it in 2 days..haha. Not enough whip cream though.

I ate spaghetti for dinner today (like for the last 5 days).

good night guys..

Posted at 11:25 pm by ML
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Nov 11, 2003
me and my new hat from Bung (thank youuu Bung!)

Posted at 12:02 am by ML
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